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Soul Recognition/Past Life Private

Healing yourself in your current life by exploring the past!

  • 2 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • IN PERSON or Remote

Service Description

Our powerful subconscious mind stores every thought, feeling, intention and action of not only this lifetime, but of all lifetimes. (The Akashic Records) Through Soul Recognition Therapy (Past Life Regression), one can explore the origin of current life issues such as worthiness, fears, limitations, suffering, feeling stuck etc. The answers may very well be a result of issues never worked out in previous incarnations that are continued again now. By recognizing and feeling the past origins, one can resolve and ultimately remove the issue and move on with their life's journey. I have found that many individuals are also experiencing communication with their 'Higher Self,' resulting in guidance and knowingness of their Soul's Journey and how to navigate through life's challenges. In addition, in my communication with their Higher Self, revelations of blockages are revealed as entities/souls that co-habit the physical body. In my Soul Recognition Therapy techniques, we are often able to release these energies and enable you to continue your journey unobstructed by these karmic blockages. Many clients experience a sense of Newness and Authenticity The sessions are recorded for your continued usage . Sessions begin with you in a relaxed laying down position and taken into a deep state of consciousness (One which you're aware of all conversation and always feeling in control and safe.) Sessions normally last 90-120 minutes. Available at Steve's office in Smithtown or the privacy of your home. Speaking with Steve directly to book is required

Contact Details

+ 16315531221

811 W. Jericho Tpke Suite 203E, Smithtown, 11787

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