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Soul Recognition Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

with Steve Interrante
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Positive Energy - Mindfulness Meditation
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You are worthy of a positive change.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I have dedicated myself to helping others realize their soul's journey and to live happier more productive lives. To understand ones inner strength and abilities to effectively manage fear, confusion & doubt and shift into awareness, acceptance and gratitude. 

Intuitively integrating the modalities of being a Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, IET Energy Therapist & Musician. Currently conducting weekly Mindfulness Meditation sessions at The Holistic Center for Soulful Living, monthly sessions assisting the mentally challenged at Maryhaven Center for Hope, various groups dealing with addictions, grief and loss at the Family Services League, corporate wellness programs for employees as well as children, adolescents and families.



Take this moment to honor yourself. Breathe in this moment. It is the only one that you have right now. Exhale your worries, to-do lists and pay attention. What you are about to understand could change everything for you!

Just by reading this, you are already ushering in new experiences of wellness and peace into your life. We are all connected through our awareness of what we are sensing. By being mindful of what you are observing here and now, you open up the flow of receptivity and abundance that is always present in the universe. You are a thread in the fabric of all things. You are the creator of your own reality. Bask in that power; revel in the knowing that all is and always will be here and now.

Mindfulness Meditation gives you a chance to unwind from your everyday thinking and worrying and allows you to connect to your true authentic nature: a state of being rather than a state of mind. From observing the rise and fall of your breath to listening to the whisperings of your divine guidance system, your attention and stillness in meditation will cleanse your body, mind and spirit.

If this conversation resonates with you, take this step to creating more balance in your life. It may be challenging at first but everyone must experience struggle in order to master any art, especially the art of creating a life that you have always desired.


On that note, you are ready. Take care beautiful one!


Steve Interrante



Love. Light. Wisdom. Unity . Consciousness. Gratitude. Trust. Peace.


Private Sessions for Small Groups and Individuals

Meditation, Soul/Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

Group Meditation Sessions at the Center

Reserve your seat in your choice of class and pay in advance.

What would you do today if you know you could not fail?


Amber Robertson

Get In Touch

Stephen C. Interrante

Mindfulness Meditation Coach

Certified Consulting Hypnotist


The Holistic Center for Soulful Living

811 W. Jericho Tpke Suite 203E Smithtown NY 11787

               Contact  Steve: 1.631.553.1221


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